To request bibles, please complete our application form
(also available as a .pdf).

Please note – under the terms of Lord Wharton’s bequest Bibles can only be donated to children & young people in England, Wales & Scotland.

Completed forms should be returned via email to,

or posted to:

The Clerk
Lord Wharton Charity Trustees
7 Pinfold Garth
North Yorkshire
YO17 7XQ

For further details,

please contact us on 01653 692173


Instructions to Applicants

Lord Wharton’s expressed intention in presenting children and young people (maximum age 18) with an individual Bible was to encourage their personal study and understanding of Scripture. Accordingly, the Trust is not permitted to supply Bibles for general use in church or school.

  • Applicants should normally be from clergy or other recognised church officers. Applications can be considered from Head teachers or School Governors.
  • Distributions are made throughout the year.
  • Please send your application to the Clerk to the Trustees. Only one application per year will normally be considered.
  • Applications are acknowledged by email.
  • Donations can only be given in the United Kingdom

The maximum number of Bibles which can be applied for is normally either:

  • 20 for distribution in church
  • OR 35 for distribution in school

Bigger numbers can be applied for in agreed circumstances.

Because distribution is limited by the annual income the Trust, it may not always be possible to award the maximum number of Bibles.

Successful applicants will be required send a list detailing the names of the recipients so that Bookplates can be printed and sent.