Bibles given at Netherton Methodist Church, Huddersfield

Netherton Methodist Church in the Huddersfield Circuit, West Yorkshire, recently celebrated the 150th anniversary of the church on Chapel Street, which was opened in April 1867.  The anniversary was marked by a service led by the Circuit Superintendent, Rev David Bidnell, with the current minister of the church, Rev Nancy Ndoho, assisting.  During the service, 10 members of the Junior Church were presented with Bibles.  The Bibles were provided by Lord Wharton’s Charity and a short history of the charity was given by Adrian Burton during the service.

Adrian Burton, who is a local preacher at Netherton Methodist Church, said: “Presenting Bibles to the children really helped to make the day special.  Hopefully, the Bibles will encourage the children and young people to further grow in their Christian faith.  Several of the young people were seen after the service sitting on their own and reading the Bibles.  Members of the congregation said how great it was that a financial gift from Lord Wharton dating back more than 300 years was being used to bless our church today.”

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