Bibles given to year 6 pupils

Some of the children at Silverstone Primary School
receiving their Lord Wharton Bibles, 
July 2017

The Whittlewood Benefice, in Northamptonshire, were delighted to receive the bibles from the Lord Wharton Bible Charity for presentation to the children leaving the 3 primary Church of England Schools in the benefice.  Each bible had a book plate with the child’s name and date put in the front.

Silverstone Primary School is the biggest of the three and 24 Youth Bbibles were presented at a Leaver’s Service at the school by one of the Churchwardens, Mrs. Judith Paybody, the Vicar arriving later during the event.   The children were called up individually to the platform to shake hands and receive their bibles and they were very pleased to have such an important and lasting gift.  The other schools’ leavers were also presented their bibles during the last week of term.

Our most grateful thanks to you for this excellent gift to our Village children which we trust will be much appreciated as they grow up.  It would have been quite a big expenditure for us on our limited budget to fulfil this valuable presentation.”

Anne Pullen, PCC Secretary St. Michael’s Church, Silverstone

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