A phone call brought an 1854 Lord Wharton Bible back to the Trustees when Stephen Redman kindly got in touch with the Clerk to the Lord Wharton Trustees to offer them an 1854 Bible, Psalms and Prayer Book.  He had been given it as a child by an elderly lady neighbour.  Having read it all the way through, and now himself much older, he wanted to make sure it had a lasting home and posted it back to the Trustees.

Given by the Lord Wharton Trustees in 1854 to Agnes Ann Rudd in Hilton, Westmorland (now Cumbria, 2 miles east of Appleby).

On the second page there is a full family list.

1841 Mary Rudd  Born January 21

1844 Agnes Ann Rudd Born January 21

1846 Margaret Rudd  Born November 3

1849 William Rudd  Born July 2

1852 Elizabeth Rudd  Born May 13

1852 Thomas Rudd  Born May 13    a twin

1852  Thomas Rudd Death May 28  who sadly died 15 days later

1855 Sarah Rudd  Born August 26

1855 Jane Rudd August 26

1857  Anne ??? (unreadable)

The area was known for its lead and barytes mining, maybe Agnes father was a miner?  (See below)

The church of St John the Baptist was built at Murton, the next village, which saved the local community walking to Appleby to go to church.


A search of Ancestry found a relative of Agnes Rudd (her great, great grand-daughter) still living at Appleby and the Bible was returned to the family.

Agnes and husband Luke Parsley on her Golden Wedding 1916

Agnes Rudd aged 11 Years
The Gift of Lord Wharton Trustees 1854

The family record of the Rudds

The list of Psalms which had to be learned by Agnes, aged 11.

You can learn more about the Rudd family here:


Many thanks to Stephen Redman for returning the Bible to the LW Trustees.