Bibles given in 2019-20

Young people from the following have recently received Bibles from the Lord Wharton Bible Charity:

All Saints Notting Hill (in the shadow of Grenfell Tower) 20 copies of the RSV Bible

Christ Church Ardsley, Barnsley 19 copies of the GNB Youth Bible

Tribute Youth & Kids, Tribute Cluster of Churches, Cornwall 19 copies of the GNB Youth Bible

Exceptional year for Bible applications

At the recent meeting of the Lord Wharton Charity Trustees the news was shared that 2019 had been a very positive year for Bible distribution. After the financial crash of 2008 the trustees had had to restrict applications until the investment fund capital was rebuilt. This was achieved and gradually more Bibles could be given again. Funds carried forward into 2019 meant that all applications were responded to positively. In 2019 1173 Bibles were given away – these were mainly to Year 6 school leavers, but also to a significant number of church young people’s groups. With regular investment income now stabilised the Trustees hope to be able to distribute another 1000 Bibles in 2020. Church applications can be received at anytime; school applications will be dealt with on 1st May 2020 and monthly after that.

Please see the Request Bibles page to make an application.