The Lord Wharton Bible dated 1834

This was donated to Charity shop in Saltburn-by-sea – about 6 miles from Skelton-in-Cleveland. (Skelton Castle was the home of a section of the Wharton family).  It was given to Barbara Rand by her sister who helps at the shop, and she decided to do a bit of research.

The entry inside front cover includes the name ‘Hannah Mary Lynas’ Born Mar 23rd 1862, Died July 28 1886

A search of the Ancestry website found a match; a family tree containing Hannah Mary Lynass. She contacted owner of family tree, Dr Rod Craig, who explained his connection was through his paternal great grandmother – who surname was Lynass.

Barbara offered to show him the Bible – if he lived in the Durham/North Yorkshire area.   But Dr Craig lives in VENEZUELA!

He provided more details about the other names in the Bible, namely John and Hannah Bell (see photo below). Hannah Bell’s maiden name was Raw and she lived at Grinton, near Richmond, N Yorks.  (This was part of the area in which Lord Wharton’s instructions said Bibles were to be given.)

Hannah married John Bell but he died in 1844, aged 28, leaving Hannah with 2 young children.  In 1855 Hannah married Ralph Lynass (born 1816 in Skelton) in Skelton.  Their daughter, Hannah Mary, born in 1862 and continued to live at home.  According to 1881 census she was helping on the family farm of 70-90 acres.  Hannah Mary Lynas died in 1886.

On Easter Sunday (16th Apr 2017) – Barbara explained to Dr Craig that the Bible does not belong to her and offers to send it to him.  Overjoyed Dr Craig accepted the offer to acquire ‘relic’ of his ancestors, paying the carriage charges and making a donation to Charity shop.

On April 28th the Bible was packed up and sent by Royal Mail – tracked to Heathrow Airport 12 hours after posting. By May 2nd the Bible had arrived in New York and started out on road journey to Florida – depot of courier service prior to onward route to Venezuela

On May 17th the Bible was received by Dr Craig – who was delighted to receive it.

The photo above shows the front of the Bible, impressed lettering on a leather bound cover and brass clasped as was the norm for Bibles given by the Lord Wharton Trustees in the 19th Century (that cannot be afforded now!).

Do you have an old Lord Wharton Bible which has a story to tell?

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